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Editorial Work

I have produced, executive produced, written and directed content for a wide variety of media brands. From journalism to comedy to lifestyle to broadcast TV to YouTube to TikTok, I have always aimed to reach audiences eager to learn, laugh and connect.

Harper's Bazaar

The Look - Rose Byrne

I loved producing this show, hosted by Laura Brown, because when you can combine fashion with Laura's funny, zany energy, you get gold. This episode in particular is so much fun, and while it didn't reach the same astronomical numbers as our episodes with Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian, the easy chemistry between Laura and Rose made making it a delight.


Grey Area - MDMA

The Grey Area series, directed by Chris Beier and EP'd by me, focused on companies operating at the edge of legality. This is my favorite episode, focusing on one man's decades long struggle to make what could be a life-altering drug treatment legal.

Fast Comedy

Dream Job with John Cena

(Warning, explicit language!)

This comedy series that I wrote and directed featured comedy stars like Chelsea Handler and James Corden, but this episode with John Cena remains my favorite for the sheer anarchic spirit and commitment from our lead. Still one of my favorite people I have ever worked with.


The Locksmith Paradox

I can't take full credit for the production of this viral TikTok - creator Chris Duncan did most of the heavy lifting under me as EP. But I love this illustration of how pairing with a platform native, in this case our 20 year old intern, can explode growth for a brand with an older demo and attract new audiences that share the same DNA. I love it when an unlikely bet pays off!

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