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Branded Work

I have conceived, pitched, produced, executive produced and directed dozens of campaigns for brands like Walmart, Macy's, Absolut, Kraft, Samsung, Microsoft, John Hancock, Ford, Kia, Pfizer, Target, Capital One, American Express, P&G, Delta and Marriott.

John Hancock 

Retirement Community

A fun, high concept collaboration between John Hancock and Fast Company starring Pete Holmes aimed at attracting a younger demo through a comedic look at retirement planning. This contained a video series, a social meme campaign, UGC content and companion articles. I co-created the idea, pitched the business, cast, co-wrote, executive produced and directed the series.

AC Hotels Marriot


This collaboration between AC Hotels and Fast Company paired two celebrity designers, Jonathon Adler and Tan France, in conversation, showcasing how chance meetings at the hotel can lead to meaningful collaboration. It contained a video series, a social campaign, a companion article series, and the actual manufacture and sale of the items designed within the program. I created the idea, pitched it, cast it, developed it and executive produced the program.


Five Pitches in Five Blocks

This campaign was done as a collaboration between Ford and Inc Media, with business owners having a five block ride in a Ford Transit to pitch their business for the grand prize of a fully outfitted new Transit. It featured a core video series, social content, UGC content and a voting campaign. I co-created the idea, pitched the series and executive produced it.

Proctor and Gamble

Mom Ambush

A lifestyle campaign featuring fashion, beauty, travel, organizing and cooking tips. Elements included a video series, a social video campaign, a social nomination campaign, and a site hub with tons of P&G tips and how-to content. I co-created the idea, pitched the series, executive produced it and directed it.

Dark Horse

Dreamers and Doers

A collaboration between Dark Horse Wine and Fast Company, this campaign paired visionaries from different industries to discuss their creative process over a glass of wine. It included videos, an instagram campaign, a panel at Fast Company's signature event and a wine tasting networking event. I created the idea, pitched it, oversaw the program and executive produced the series.

Capital One

Your Next Move

Capital One and Inc Media partnered for this multi-year sponsored editorial campaign that focused on bringing real world advice to small business owners. The program includes live events, webinars, a video series, a social video campaign, articles, influencer tie-ins, podcast segments and collaborative Q&A with the consumers. I developed the campaign, created the format, oversaw the campaign alongside editorial, managed the talent, and executive produced.

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